Jun 04, 2019

It’s Wild Here: Wildlife & Wildflowers Near Kelowna Accommodations

Okanagan Mountain Goats are among the vast wildlife you might be lucky enough to spot on your trip to the valley!

Okanagan Mountain Goats are among the vast wildlife you might be lucky enough to spot on your trip to the valley!

The lakes, the wineries, and the infamous Okanagan sunshine are just a few of the reasons why so many people seek out Kelowna accommodations during the summer months. But did you know there are even more reasons to visit the Okanagan Valley? The diversity of wildlife and local flora and fauna in the area are a must-see!

A Little Bit of Wild

With a stroke of luck and a pair of sharp eyes, you might spot some wildlife hanging around on your adventures around the Okanagan. 

Here’s a list of some of the wildlife you may catch a glimpse of while visiting Kelowna: 

  • Deer 
  • Moose
  • Elk
  • Bears
  • Cougars
  • Bighorn sheep
  • Mountain Goats
  • Wild horses
  • Coyotes
  • Rattlesnakes

There’s Even an Ogopogo

And yes, Okanagan Lake is also home to the Ogopogo, a world-famous lake monster that’s said to be approximately 40-50 feet long. The sea serpent has been known to hang around the area of Rattlesnake Island, across from Peachland.

Wildflowers and More

With its beautiful lakes and rolling hills, the Okanagan is breathtaking. But the local flora and fauna that decorate the region are absolutely stunning, and some of them are even entirely unique to the area. 

Here’s a list of just some of the local plants, flowers and trees you may catch yourself admiring the next time you’re in the valley: 

  • Saskatoons & Oregon Grapes – perfect for jellies and jams. Just be sure to consult a guide before picking and eating anything!
  • Kinnickinnick – evergreen, flat ground cover that grows under pine trees
  • Big Sagebrush & Rabbitbrush – beautiful, drought-tolerant shrubs
  • Nodding Onion, Showy Aster, Kimberley Wild Rose & Shrubby Cinquefoil – just a few of the wildflowers that dot the grassy hillsides
  • Milkweed – a favourite for butterflies

Wildlife & Wildflower Attractions Near the Best Hotels in Kelowna

Ready to see these animals and flora for yourself? Here are just a few of the ways you can do that: 

Osoyoos Desert Centre

The Osoyoos Desert Centre is a natural habitat that’s home to a variety of amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals that are unique to the Okanagan Valley. It’s also got tons of local flora and fauna to discover. It can be quite warm in the desert of Osoyoos, so be prepared for the heat. 

Allan Brooks Nature Centre

Perched on a grassy hill that overlooks the city of Vernon and the surrounding area, the Allan Brooks Nature Centre is the perfect stop for visitors looking to connect with nature and discover the Okanagan’s unique and diverse natural heritage. Here you’ll find a vast assortment of local plants with stunning viewpoints. 

Okanagan Wine Tour Packages

As if you needed another reason to book an Okanagan wine tour package, but if you do, these are the perfect trips to book to spot deer and other wildlife in their natural habitats. No matter which winery package you book, you’ll get a great view of the Okanagan Valley in all its glory.

Local Hiking Trails

Hiking is one of the best ways to get up close and personal with the region too. For a list of some of the best hiking trails, check out our previous post: Okanagan Nature Adventure: Places to Hike Near Kelowna Accommodations.

Kangaroo Creek Farm

Here's where you can see some unusual animals for the Okanagan! Just a short drive down the highway from your accommodation in Kelowna lies the Kangaroo Creek Farm. Here you’ll be able to meet and interact with kangaroos, wallaby, wallaroos, pot-bellied pigs, sugar gliders, emus, parrots, capybaras, and so much more. And depending on the time of year you visit, you may even get a chance to hold a baby joey. 

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